[SUGGESTION] The Donator Plot!

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Is it a good idea?

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Yes 9 vote(s) 69.2%
No 4 vote(s) 30.8%
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. As a further "Advantage" Of donating, I thought maybe for each server, there could be a Plot with signs of the names of donators that have their main residence on that server? Maybe, just a thought. Tell me what you think, and Vote!
  2. Not for EACH server, but maybe just for one.
  3. We need a list on the forums that says who has the most rupees.
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  4. On Utopia I think is where it should be.
  5. Sorry for double post but

    How does this relate in any way?
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  6. Idk it just got me thinking about it for some awkward reason that i don't know.
  7. Maybe the home server? of the player
  8. Or Maybe We could have 10 plots on Utopia, 1 for each server?
  9. They used to have that. I think they got rid of it because of the person with the top amount of rupees would get hit with insane amount of people asking for donations.
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  10. Or as a command: /supporterlist or something? Would take up less room and such. Then again, you can already see a list of people (including supporters) with a res on each server using the site, so maybe this would be a bit unneeded.

    Also, may I ask, what are the uses for this?
  11. Not Really Sure, Maybe As Recognition For People Who Keep EMC Running? (Or At Least Help It)
  12. Meh, what's the purpose of the graveyard?

    Seems like it would be taxing on the server to do the /supporterlist or maybe we don't have as many people donating as I think XD
  13. The purpose of the graveyard is as a place to find Justin, Jeremy, AusQB and Dark_Liz's graves. Isn't that obvious? :p

    Either way, it's going to tax the server. If a res with a sign containing each supporter's name on, then it would have to be done automatically. Let's be honest; who would want the job of adding each supporter to the correct res, and when their supporter expires, removing it?
  14. Me........... xD
  15. Now that i see this i think that it is a bad idea. Faithcaster would probably kill himself because of all the request's for donations.
  16. What's wrong with this idea is that when a poor [player] looks at the 1st person with those rupees, they're going to ask for donations or they'll feel sorry for themselves and be sad. Now this is a great idea, but maybe it can be for only supporters so they can see the list without saying that they're poor because about more than half ( Lets say 57% ) are over 10k and wouldn't feel bad about their balance.
  17. Touche
  18. I don't like the idea of showing rupees at all. Rupee counts should remain hidden, whether you are supporter or not. I get bombarded with people asking how many rupees I have on a daily basis and my answer is "enough". In the past, they had a rupee tally system and there is a reason they took it away.

    As for the list of donators, sounds like an interesting idea, but kinda a waste of staff time in my opinion. You could always go through the list of all members and make your own ;)
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  19. I totally agree. I think that people forget that they are playing Minecraft. This server has an economy but it shouldn't be the epitome of it.
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