[Suggestion] The Ablility to Enable/Disable Horse Stats

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  1. Hey EMC,

    I thought this would be good for players who are buying/selling horses, and this can also be good for someone who has a ton of horses.

    The way this would work, is it would be in the [MISC] section of the /ps and you would be able to enable and disable it, and it would show the horse stats of the horse/donkey you are pointing at.

    Yes i know you can get mods, but I wanted an option without the use of mods and for players who dont know how to use mods or have the option to install mods (Someone elses computer).

    Feel free to comment....

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  2. There is a lot of effort involved for something that can already be achieved with a relatively easy to use mod.
    For this reason, it is not practical for the development team to take time to code this when there are other, more important, features pending.
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