(Suggestion) Teleporting Device.

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  1. So I came up with this idea everyone...

    The Idea
    So this is what it is all about.
    You can set a spot where you would like for 350 rupees.
    So, Player A is at res ####. Player A Types in /set tele spot 1.
    What would happen is. After they do that. It will cost them 350 rupees and have a warning before they do it also. So he has set a Tele at ####. When He types in /tele tp 1
    it will take him to where he set it.

    Multiple Teles
    You can make Multiple teles for you.
    Example: /set tele 1 He can pick any number 1-50.
    Then whenever he types /tele tp # It will take him there.

    Ways It could help
    It could also help for getting to your outpost quick.
    Or to a res you don't remember.
    Or to a special place in the waste/wild.

    So I hope you get it correct. Thanks just a Suggestion don't take this the wrong way.
    And no this is not used for tping to diffrent players.
    If you really need to get back to something really fast you could just do it :)

  2. As nice of an idea as this is, for the wild it won't be OK. Too "cheat"-ish.
  3. Its not Cheating. It has a cost.
    Maybe 500r instead... It would be usefull to huge Outposts and all.
  4. Na, you will be able to tp to your outposts (I think) if you claim land with eggs. For now, too OP.
  5. Eggs?
  6. This had been suggested multiple times and has been denied multiple times. As for tp'ing in town, just use the rts.
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  7. I didnt relize this was Suggested already :/ Oh well...
  8. D-Tombs should be out soon.
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  9. Deathtombs? Pretty sure he's already out.

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  10. The best suggestion to do - would be set a bed spawn point ... then near the bed have an enderchest ... put items in enderchest - kill yourself - spawn at bed - take items out of enderchest - instant teleport....

    Getting back - either walk, enderpearl, or use nether portal.