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Do you think it's a good idea?

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No 1 vote(s) 11.1%
Kind of 5 vote(s) 55.6%
  1. Hi all, I have another idea ;). This time it is Survival Games. I am pretty sure this is going to be shot down quickly, but I'll give it a try ;). So as many of you may know, there are games called Survival Games which are basically Hunger Games in Minecraft. About 24 ppl are in an arena and search chests. In the chests, they must find useful things like weapons, armor, food, ect. to survive from other ppl. With the stuff you find, you battle each other there is only one person standing in the arena. When I participate, it is very fun and I think that it would be even more fun when I am going against ppl from EMC. Emc could have one or two 120x120 residences with a big dome arena with a couple levels. Emc could hold fun events of it there every once in a while. There could also be a prize for winning :). The items in the chest would change every time, so that nobody would go to get the same item every time. I think it would be very fun and I would go every time ;) :). Tell me what you think.
  2. 120x120 is way to small, first of all. Second, wouldn't be a bad idea for the games server, but how much of a turnout would this have? EMC only has around 200 players on at a time; managing to get 24 at any random time to play SG would be near impossible.

    I know Jack hosted an EMC SG a while back; I think SG would be better as an off-server event.
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  3. Yeah, I like the off server event idea. Don't lots of people show up for staff vs World and mob arena? I always go and see tons of ppl there. I think it would be the same for this. There would be a forums post just like those.
  4. I semi agree with your reply. I mostly agree with the fact that 120x120 is a small area. I personally believe that it would be better with 1000x1000 as for 1000 blocks can be walked in a minute or two and people on 16 or 32 chunk render distances wouldn't be able to see players easily. I don't agree with the fact that EMC only has around 200 players on at a time, and if it was a planned event like Mob arena/Fire floor it would easily attract more people (the young ones too) due to the fact of YouTube and other online things constantly having videos like it.
    TL;DR (To long didn't read)
    - 120x120 to small
    - It would get more than 24 people.

    EDIT: This was in response to Penguinub's reply.
  5. I read the post as suggesting a continuous set of games, like what you'd find on MCSG or Minep***. An event with a set time would definitely have a better turnout than random games. But limiting the amount of players is a bad idea in my opinion. All events have unlimited players; this one should be no exception. We all know how players get when they can't participate. *glares at UHC thread* :rolleyes:
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  6. Yeah if it a limited amount we all know what would happen. If say 50 people joined, and the arena was to small or less people joined and it was too big, then you would have an issue.
  7. Sign Up PreGame?
  8. I'd prefer to not have signups, as people will, of course, miss them. No other events are sign-ups. Personally, I think the best way to manage the amount of players is to spread them equally around the center of the map. No set spots, no debate, no competition to sign up - just go there and play.
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  9. Yeah, just normal survival games. :D