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  1. Ok, so I have yet another suggestion. Today I was temp-banned for 5 days :I Not going into details, just /p my account to see what I supposedly "did". I am a supporter right now. Basically, I'm losing 5 days worth of supporter. This is the supporter which I purchased. I'm basically having money which I've already basically thrown at a fire's ashes thrown back into the fire. So what it is is for any Supporter who is temp-banned, they lose the perks while they're banned, and when they're un-banned, they re-gain it and it's basically like they were never gone.
  2. Seems to me like a good reason not to get banned. -1
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  3. You're banned for a reason and shouldn't be treated above a normal player when banned. It's a risk you face by breaking the rules. -1
  4. From supporter page under disclaimers:
    This would be a good idea for those that might be going on vacation, etc. Being banned is not a reason to suspend perks. Perks are for those that follow rules.

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  5. Well, if you were banned there is nothing you can do, but this already exists. You can just PM krysyy and she will pause it for you. One of my friends went on vacation for a month and he just asked krysyy to pause it.
  6. This is different. It's not a vacation, he was banned. Very big difference.
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  7. Closing. You guys have been so helpful to me, thanks. :I
  8. Closing Thread requested by OP
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