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  1. Hello,
    So sometimes I personally like to save mail in case I need to use it again,but at the same time I like to keep my mailbox clean so I know where it is, not to mention to also keep contribution team related stuff in a separate area. That got me thinking, why cant we have sub-categories that we can add on? Like a button on the side that said "add new category" and it sends it to a different tab that you can pull up later on. In all honesty Im not much of a code person but Im sure someone might be able to figure it out?
  2. I'm assuming you mean the forums, but no its not possible. We cant modify the forum software to that level, and core fundamental changes isnt something we want to do anyways.

    But you would be looking for folders. Maybe in the future when forums upgraded we could see about an addon for it, but at our old ver, none of the current addons work.
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