[suggestion] store text spam

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  1. i would love to see a command so that you could turn of the store text as, some times it can clog up your chat pretty bad with all the buying/selling

    /chat store off/on

    something simple like that

    also at the same time being able to toggle on/off other chat would be nice also

    for example having town/supporter chat off but being able to keep Pm's open. Or being able to turn off just town or supporter chat and Pms

    some diversity would be amazing!
  2. This has been suggested loads of times but i still think its a great idea!:)
  3. great idea but i think it should be true/false instead of on/off so its like psets so everyone remembers :D
  4. the empire used to have a way to join and leave individual channels. I used it all the time in town so I wouldn't have to deal with constant advertisements and annoyances from immature players. Justin removed the feature a long time ago though. I think his reason was something like it took a lot of server resources to keep track of who should receive which chats.
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  5. that would be more of turing your shop so people could use "true or false"\

    im talking more along the line so you dont see the notifaction