{Suggestion} Stopping Villager Switches?

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  1. Well, villager trading is a big hit. Enchanting Bottles and Enchanted items are being auctioned off, used, and sold everywhere. While I was harvesting my wheat to trade with the villagers I thought of something....what if you had a command on your lot to stop villagers from swithing what they trade?

    I hate it when I get loads of wheat and I can't trade it. I keep having to right-click with a stick and repawn the villagers until I finnaly get one that trades wheat.Normally it doesn't change for a couple days, but I never know.

    It would help big trading post like Silken_Thread's and Bunkerllama's, not only because it doesn't switch, but because they can stop making two of the same villagers just incase one switches.

    I think the command could go something like /res pset villagerswitch *off or on* . Something like that.
    I know Aikar is working hard right now for us, but this could make a great addition to EMC.

    Tell me what you think!
  2. It'd be unfair if they stopped changing, Bottles/glowstone and other items would be worth even less..

    plus at 1.4 villager trading will be harder.
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  3. True, but it would only change by around 5 rupees because players can still right-click with a stick and repawn the villagers so :/
  4. It would still take time. It took me like 100+ times to get a dang 19 paper trade...
  5. You cant its built into the game and its not vanillia in 1.4 villager trades may last longer or shorter why not harvest all the wheat then find a good trade?
  6. Eh, well I thought this was a good idea.......someone needs to create a trading post with 20 of every single type of villagers.....that way no one would be left out in trading.
  7. I usually don't trade until I have at least a double chest+ of paper/wheat.
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