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  1. Don't you find it annoying when you need a staff but you just see this?

    (*B4DMAN5IMON used as an example)
    I reckon there should be some way to communicate with them in-game like:
    CS f_Builder_s: B4DMAN5IMON how do i apply for build team?

    CS PenguinDJ: Aphaea how do you find a open res?
    I know it may be hard to code and whatever but i thought i might as well suggest it as there might be a chance its possible.
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  2. That purple text... Hurts my eyes...

    I'd prefer to see cross server tells before this.
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  3. Changed it for ya xD
  4. /report <name> <reason>

    More people will see it whether they are logged in somewhere or not. The only problem with /report in my opinion is when you don't have a name or don't want to single one person out to report. I've tried reporting myself in these situations and get called "silly". Maybe we should have a dummy account named "silly" who we could report instead.
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  5. This is a pretty cool idea, but I think it would be misused. Like PenguinDJ said, I think cross-server pm's would do the job, and would be more effective.
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  6. It may for some other reason like asking for a road edit or asking how to apply for staff
  7. Yeah, in your example it wouldn't make much sense and wouldn't be practical. A /report would be better, and all reports are broadcast to online staff.

    This would be better used for questions... Which is why I think /tells would work better.
  8. If there is a time when only staff online are on stage, there are usually more on the site. Using /report will also notify them
  9. Added a new example
  10. Road edits really should be arranged by PM and any player can give the link to apply for Staff. :p


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  11. For issues outside of reports, like road edits, I think we are better off using the Forums as it gives us a paper trail and timeline. Things like asking about staff applications don't require someone from staff to answer and is probably something better left to self education, asked in Town chat, or in a conversation with a friend.
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  12. I've thought of this idea before, but how would you separate all the channels?
  13. No clue :D Someone might know though
    Only though of the concept not how it would work:oops: