[Suggestion] SS Road Edit Vouchers (Prizes, Voting, etc)

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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever wanted to get a Road Edit done, but dont want to or dont have enough funds? Well this will help...

    The way these could work, is they can be given out as Staff held Prizes, and can be earned at high vote bonuses.

    One voucher would be redeemable for one Copy and Paste edit.

    These could also be saved and given off as player prizes as well...

    Just a small suggestion....

    Feel free to comment....

  2. I don't think ive ever met a player who does as many road edits as you do.
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  3. Good idea i giv pluz one
  4. +1 this will get me to vote more
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  5. +1, gives us more cool stuff 2 collect.
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  6. I like it.
  7. +1.

    it'd give some players who don't have the funds / want to gather up the funds for a road edit a chance to actually do one, and it'd also be a cool collector's thing, too. and the voting option would get some to vote more or to keep voting so they can get it. and it could even be in the form of an item ( rather than a voucher ) like how the dirt destroying ticking tock is.

    i dunno, not much, but still just my personal input on it. it'd be neat.
  8. +1
  9. One copy and paste edit is 5,000r.
    You earn 100-300r for each vote DAILY. 10 sites at 100r each = 1000r
    You earn other daily bonus rewards as follows:

    Every 5 days - 100
    Every 15 days - 150
    Every 30 days - 4000
    Every 45 days - 7500
    Every 50 days - 25000
    Every 100 days - 40000

    So technically, you earn one copy/paste edit every 5 days of voting, plus extra bonus.

    In events, rupees are very often included as a prize. In addition, you can sell off the other prizes that you may receive to gain rupees.

    In short, we're not making a voucher that will just turn into another collector's item to sit on a shelf for something that we already give you plenty of. We give you rupees so that you may use them where you want to, but aren't forced to use them one way or another.

    Suggestion denied and thread closed.
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