[Suggestion] Special Aikar and Maxarias Weapons and armor

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  1. Title says it all
  2. I think this would be cool, like the T-Virus in Aikar's res, costs a boat load of money, but is for collectors
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  3. what if there was a chickeneer sword or stick and any animals ht with it turn into chickens?
  4. Special items are only released when there is a special event or a festival/holiday that is worth celebrating in such a way. I am by no means saying these are not good ideas - however they would have to be implemented over time.

    Maxarias armour is actually already around in the form of Maxarian shoes - italic and pink named chain boots with the Fortune III enchant.

    I can see many items being released in the future though, for all kinds of contests, holidays, milestones and more. Just you wait - there are nice custom items for everyone and there will continue to be more as EMC goes on. :)
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  5. Not to call you wrong, but I didn't think that the T Virus was released over any kind of special occasion :)
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  6. I know that this type of thing would be released during an event its just a suggestion for future promos
  7. Yes, but they certainly wouldn't release a full set of armour/weapons/armour to call "collectors items". The T Virus was a collector item put up on Aikar's residence for those with the money to buy, though what I am saying is that these special items would have to be released over time and over different occasions as bringing them all out for sale like the T Virus was would probably not be their intention. :p
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