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Add amount needed to be online?

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  1. Hey everyone!

    My two best friends have a residence on Empire, but they never want to lose it, which I can understand. Only, instead of playing on it for around 10 minutes, they hop on for a split second and then disconnect. It's bothering me a bit because they aren't using their residence at all...and they refuse to vote because they are "too busy".

    Maybe we could add an amount of time to be online?

    Like, you need to be online for 3 minutes (it could vary) to secure your res from going derelict?

    Please let me know if this could be possible :)
  2. People would vote to stop it becoming derelict anyway, that way you don't even ever need to come on so it's a -1 from me... Also, some people are quite busy, for example I have exams for the next month, so I can't get on much. Occasionally I'll come on a few seconds but just to collect mail whilst I'm in a busy time. Many others are in similar and other different situations.

    I don't think that this is really necessary. If they are coming online then that is activity, and the derelict system is based on activity. Interesting idea though. :)
  3. Not quite necessary in my opinion, but a good thought.
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