(suggestion) so little space!!!

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  1. you should make more smps like smp10-smp15 that way more people can join EMC!
  2. There is plenty of space right now. Besides instead of adding new smps, staff just add rings on the current ones.
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  3. omfg yes i never thot of that we need smp like 1-10000 so more ppl can join our adventore!
  4. what are rings?
  5. Town is set up in a ring like pattern. By rings I mean a new row of residences on each side.

    EDIT: I will edit in a picture to illustrate what I mean later. Currently on my phone so I can't draw anything.
  6. Ah!
  7. Ha!
    (get it, "ah ha!")
  8. is it hard to make rings, they shoud use structure blocks!
  9. I have no idea how hard it is since I've never done it. I do know staff use a plugin called world edit to make things easier.
  10. -1

    Sorry, but there is not enough players to open up the servers, there will never run out of res spaces, as once a res goes bad, it opens up for a new claim...

    When i joined back in 2012, smp6 and smp7 just opened up, and the servers where so full to the point where you had to be a supporter to join, but as soon as smp8 and smp9 came out, the traffic kinda evened out...

    As it stands right now there is not enough players on emc to open more servers, but maybe in the future, (not in the next few years) they will open them....

    There is also one big cost.... May sound easy to open a few more servers, but the servers they run right now can only hold 3 servers per server box, so they would have to buy more boxes, and that does get costly. As it stands, emc just makes enough just to pay for the server costs, the owner chips in a bit..

    Here are the servers and costs right now....

    • 1 Database Server ($189/mo) E5-1620 v3 CPU with 64GB of RAM, 480GB SSD + 2TB HDD
      Hosts our Databases, Utopia & Staging MC Servers, plus other development tools

    • 3x Game Servers ($672/mo) E5-1650 v3 CPU with 64GB of RAM, 600GB SSD + 500GB HDD
      Hosts 3 SMP game servers each (SMP 1-3, 4-6, 7-9) as well as 1 Proxy each (BungeeCord)

    • 1x Web Server ($129/mo) E3-1230 CPU with 8GB of RAM, 2x500GB HDD in RAID 1
      Hosts all of our web services, as well as a gateway into the EMC network for additional services hosted on the private network.

    • 1x Dev Server ($93/mo) Intel E3-1230 CPU with 16GB of RAM, 1TB HDD
      Used by developers to create EmpireMinecraft, for when our end systems don't have enough memory to run all of the software without slowing down the system.

    So as you can see it is very expensive.... and not needed, at this time and most likely in the near future..