[Suggestion] Site Addition: Site title's page/list

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by CDJS, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. So there is a "Trophies and Site Title's" section on the wiki. It gives all the details about trophies, and it mentions earning site titles but doesn't go into anymore detail than that.

    Are there certain trophy point markers that 'level-up' your site title?

    I would suggest a page for listing all of the different site tags and how to achieve them. Perhaps even link the site titles that appear near our names to this new page, so that people can easily click the link and see what the person did to achieve their title.

    Edit: I can't think of a way for this to appeal to supports, any suggestions?

    Edit2: Why doesn't the supporter site titles link to the supporter page? I feel like this (and the previous link idea) either isn't possible.. Or, a missed opportunity.
  2. I like the idea. I'll come up with something when I get home :)
    As for the supporter linking, that would be an Aikar question, but it's extremely easy to do.
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  3. I guess the more I fiddle around hovering with the mouse and where the links sit. I would personally suggest that the player post icon ( <--- That There) have only the one active link to our little pop-up windows. I would say that the "Gold Supporter/ Well-Known Member/Moderator/Ect" within that window should be where the active link is. That way people don't have the two different links right on top of each other under the player icon(where they are smaller). That can be frustrating.