[Suggestion] Silk touch and fortune on voters tools

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What do u think?

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  1. Ok I know your like you can't have both enchants on a tool
    I know
    What I'm saying is that say I'm holding a voters pick in my hand
    Diamond or iron doesn't matter
    But say I don't want to use Fourtune at that moment and rather use silk
    Well what if you could right click that tool to make it silk touch and viscera
    This would really on work on the following tools

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  2. +/- 0 This would be useful, but kind of seems slightly overpowered if you were able to change then enchant.
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  3. Yeah i agree they can't make the voters tools too overpowered, they are already great as they are soul-bound and unbreakable.
  4. Silk touch is all that's added
    Doesn't seem to op
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  5. Yeah sure, not like ill ever get one anyways though :p
  6. +1 The voters pick doesn't have a good efficiency anyway, so its not that op. :)
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  7. A+\-B???
    dont see the use of this, with fortune pickaxe you get double the item, not the ore.
    if you could choose if you want a silk pick or fortune one when you get the voters item that would be understood.
  8. I see where you are coming from but silk touch books aren't that expensive and take only 9 exp too put it on a pickaxe. Must be a -1 from me
  9. Completely agree. Fortune is more powerful then silk. Fortune gives you a chance at more then one of some items, where silk just gives you the 1.

    Maybe instead of being able to chance it, you can be given the option to either receive the pick with fortune on it OR one with silk on it.
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  10. Silk touch and viscera...that sounds pretty gross.

    +1 for silk touch on a soul bound unbreaking tool.
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  11. That is true for ores, but what about glass and ice? I can't use a voters pick on those items. And glowstone and sea lanterns. And a few other blocks that I can't think of right now.

    Silk touch is a necessary part of the game. Now, whether it should be included on a voter's item, I do not know. I am sort of on the fence.

    I agree with your point of Fortune being more powerful than Silk, and while I like this idea, what about the people that already have voter's picks?

    And I agree that being able to change a voter tool's enchants whenever you want is too OP, and I personally do not like the idea. I carry 2 picks on me or in my enderchest, a silk touch and a fortune pick. But I know which is which when I am using them. However, when using a voters pick, I would be pretty upset if I accidentally broke my sea lantern because it was on fortune mode.

    I believe a better solution is making all the voter's iron picks silk touch, and all the diamond ones fortune 3. Any item that needs silk touch can easily be broken with an iron pick, and any item that you would want to use fortune on would be easier to break with a diamond pick.

    I believe that this provides the best compromise and solution to this problem. Yes, you will have to wait longer to get a voter's fortune pick. But to be honest, most people prob would be fine using the voter's pick on whatever they need to, then using a regular fortune pick when necessary. It is a small compromise in the grand scheme of things and is much more beneficial to everyone.
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  12. Perhaps a command can be made. I'm far from a coder but maybe something like a 1 time use per account, per item. As an example: Type in /voteswop or something and a chest GUI pops up asking for your old tool. Once placed inside you have the option of picking the same tool back with either silk or fortune on it. If something like that can't be done, you'd think the only other way to do it would be to leave the pick in your vault and PM SS about switching it.

    Personally I would love the idea of switching my Fortune pick in for a Silk one. Doesn't give me any advantage over others as Fortune potentially offers more to gain.
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  13. thats a lot of typing, how long did it take to write???
  14. Took me about 5 minutes to type, then 2 minutes to edit.
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  15. Voters picks are final I think -.-
  16. Yes they do, I didn't mean it as you put silk touch on the pick, you put silk touch on a separate pick.
  17. I forget how the voting worked to get them, but I have both a Diamond and Iron Voter's Pick with the same enchantments along with some of the other items. It would have been a good idea to allow me to choose between Silk Touch and Fortune when they were awarded to me. Perhaps we could trade a Fortune one in for one with Silk Touch now. It would make them useful as something other than back up items.

    With Voter's Shovels I appreciate that I can get Flint every time, but sometimes would like to just get Gravel. Putting Silk Touch on one of the Voter's Shovels and leaving Fortune on the other would allow us to lift Grass and Mycelium.

    Having different enchantment configurations on the Voter's equipment would also allow us to fulfill our desire to have higher level Voter rewards. This could be carried over into other equipment like the weapons or armor. You could perhaps choose between two Swords with different enchantments like Fire Aspect or Looting or trade one in for a single one with both. Same with armor. I like to use a different set of armor when I am in the Nether than I normally use elsewhere.