[Suggestion] Showing Forum Rank over Supporter Rank

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Show Forum Rank in Supporter Color?

+1 22 vote(s) 95.7%
+/-0 1 vote(s) 4.3%
-1 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey EMC,

    With the addition of several new forum titles, I thought it'd be nice to see the rank of a supporter. Basically, show a player's forum rank in their supporter color. It'd look a bit like this:

    With all of the different titles, of course. Opinions?
  2. I love it
  3. +legendary rank
  4. I like this idea. I would like to have my rank show when I'm a supporter. +1
  5. How would it work for the other teams? Like Contribution team, would be a bit lighter than gold?
  6. I like this idea, +1 from me.
    I would assume that team members keep their team (or staff) titles for simplicity, it's easier to distinguish that way! :)
  7. EMC's version of Xenforo doesn't support this without even more template edits :(
  8. Yeah I looked into this when making the new trophies/titles and it's not possible with the current forums. When you move into the diamond supporter group, we basically apply the title to your name by way of a group title override. Unless we created multiple groups for each title, manually assign groups, etc, it's not going to work.

    I.e. Discussion tabled until future forum versions with the possibility arrive.
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  9. There... I've done it, but just went ahead and showed both. Though those of us with Custom titles wont show it.

    And it was actually a PHP edit.
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  10. Nice, I am glad it worked.
  11. Noice Aikar, looks awesome seeing both titles :)
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  12. BROTHERS! (at least, more of them)
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  13. A nice workaround that will do for now =)
  14. Nice to see the new titles underneath the supporter/teams rank, that's awesome! :D
  15. Burned! >: D
  16. yes! thanks aikar
  17. Also Aikar the staff with special ranks don't show their other ranks.
  18. But.... it says "Diamond Supporter" in our avatars...
  19. Not really. It was a PHP edit for the workaround that he did. I suspect it would be a template edit like Krysyy said if it was just colors but that's not what happened.
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