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  1. As many of you may know, we started a community in the wild on SMP5 called Freedom Elite Community. Everything works well out there and many people do buying and selling face to face.

    But I think a really great idea would be to allow shops in the wild - just like town. I am sure that ICC and Justinguy have perfected the shops plug-in well enough to be able to use it for the Wild worlds, and it would make any established wild communities that much richer in ease of transaction and boost the EMC economy.

    Another reason is that many ppl (including myself) enjoy the benefits of unlimited building in the wild. Don't get me wrong, Town is great and safe - kind of like beautiful jewelry under glass - it looks pretty, but you can't wear it.

    Many people want to wear there jewelry by building in the wild and having the traditional Minecraft Experience of mining, building, lighting, defending, and remaining in the wild indefinitely with there structures and communities. For many I have spoken too, one of the only reasons to journey back to town is to use the Vault system for gathering items from town shops to bring out to the wild.

    Being able to setup shops in the wild will do nothing but add more rich content to an already Great server - and again helps boost the economy.

    Admins, please take a serious look at this request and see if it is possible to implement. Thank you so much for your time and the labor you put in here for us to have fun! :D


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  2. Even though I like the idea, I don't want shops that take rupees in the wild, but maybe TRADE stores, which you would give something, like five Iron, for something, like one Diamond, or a XP shop, which you pay with XP, with the XP going to the shop owner.
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  3. Trade stores would probably take a lot more programming to implement - they would essentially have to grab the villager trading code and somehow implement that into chests. Trading would be great, but much more work as compared to just implementing the rupee system in the wild.
  4. If they did do this, there would be a 1000 or more rupee fee for it. Since it would have to lock the chest too
  5. The wild is sort of the anti town. In the wild, you run the risk of being greifted, killed, and looted, just to name a few, so, adding in a rupee shop system into the wild will take away a part of the wild, being that you have to work for stuff to get stuff.
  6. I like this idea especially making it a bit more legit by trading XP... It would be nice to have shops in the wild but you see it would cost you 1000r for each chest for you to then put maybe 5 shops on... otherwise everyone would just take the items for free... This idea is good but I believe unnecessary due to the fact that it's already in town and for most of the Empire the town is the main base of operation.
  7. This might be able to be done with the process of land claiming with the dragon eggs with it being like another residence.
  8. Not necessarily - Shops could work easily without having to make the chests cost 1000 each. Possibly making the programming require that the item on the sign actually be the only item in the chest for sale could eliminate that - but I see where you are going - this could be a work around for devious folks to not have to pay for a locked chest. Although, fundamentally, locked chests are there to help enhance game play in the wild and protect someones investment in time and energy in gathering resources - why do we pay for locked chests again?
  9. We pay for locked chests so its not all gain and no lose. If you didn't have to pay, you could just place them everywhere.
  10. The big limitation of the current shop system is the fact that all of the information is stored on the signs themselves (similar to RTS), I don't know anything more than you on the future shop update; but this may be an easier task to tackle after that.
  11. Maybe you missed the part of my post where I mentioned I am part of a group that likes to be completely independent of town and enjoy the genuine minecraft experience together as a community. Building without limits, etc.

    Shops would only enhance gameplay for the many folks that like to LIVE in the wild. If you live in town, enjoy it. We would just like a few of those perks in our communities in the wild too. And, BTW, there are many communities of folks out in the wild that like to just live there, not just one or two.

    And your argument that it takes away part of the wild does not negate the fact that people still have to work for stuff to get stuff - we can just sell and buy easier and without the need for face to face transactions. This would just be a small piece of game enhancement for folks like us - All it can add is the benefit of convenience :)
  12. It can take away the main part of the wild, which is working. Sure, someone has to get the stuff, but someone can simply sit around and buy stuff without doing anything. I think a simple trade system would work for the wild.
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  13. We place chests everywhere now. You make it sound as if the server map will all of a sudden become littered with locked chests - like they will become the garbage of the wild.

    Look, people lock chests because they want to protect an investment of time and gathered resources. But why, if all of a sudden it was free, would people just start littering the countryside with locked chests?

    They wouldn't - because it costs them resources to make a chest. And why would they waste resources in order to clutter the map? They wouldn't.

    Chests are a tool - and, with all due respect, your argument doesn't hold water against the nature of why we use the chests.

    If anything, allowing anyone to lock a chest just makes them more likely to want to spend more time in the wild gathering the resources they need. When people can't afford to lock a chest now, they still place a chest - but they have to hope no one will come and steal from it or grief it.

    I think maybe the Admins, when they thought about making people pay for locked chests, thought if people didn't have to pay, that they would have be going behind them to clean up all their locked chests if they were banned or left the server (this is just a thought and I am not trying to be presumptuous). But, it seems that what has really happened is that people in the wild who can get into someone elses stuff, will do it - and potentially give in to the temptation to steal from it - all of which could have been eliminated if chest locking was free. I have witnessed many examples of this at FEC - where thieves come through the town going into people's homes and rummaging through unlocked chests to see what they can find.
    Theft from chests would be almost completely eliminated in the wild if locking was free.

    All I can say is that this would be a huge benefit for the Admins - I'm sure they can imagine no longer having to deal with reports of "JoeBlow11 stole stuff from my chest". The Admins' time is precious - and this would be one less headache for them.
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  14. I never said locked chests were bad, but the fee IS needed, sorry to say that, it helps keep the economy from not inflating, by taking rupees that might otherwise just sit around and not be used. Also, I think people could waste the third most easy to fine thing in the game other than dirt and stone.
  15. The. People would build ungreifible houses out of chests, and most people don't want quarintined areas of locked chests. What if someone completely boxed your house in locked chests? People would find ways to abuse every new update, and its not gonna change now :)
  16. Hmmm - that is a point well taken. And a scenario I really hadn't thought of. How creatively awful.
  17. This is a GREAT idea! shops only on claimed land. Perfect.