[SUGGESTION] Shop Chests in the Wild

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Nope 4 vote(s) 30.8%
Sure 9 vote(s) 69.2%
  1. With all the new wild cities and such, wouldnt it be a pretty cool idea (notice how I said pretty cool and not great or awesome?) to have shop chests in the wild? They would work the same way as locked chests and actual shop chests in town?

    NOTE: They would have to pay as much as it takes to lock a chest as it does to place a shop chest seeing as how it is also locked to the shop owner
  2. I believe that this is going to be possible when land claiming comes out for the wild in the Dragon Tomb update. I do not know for sure though.
  3. Something similar at least
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  4. I would love to be able to use a shop sign in the wild as long as it acts similar to a locked sign but acts as a shop sign. But I think because it's a special type of lock sign that it should cost more to place it. $1,500 instead of a $1,000 along with the refund of half the cost at time of removal. I among others have built up a large frontier settlement, and with more and more players coming to visit, I think being able to build a market place with shop signs would help people to come back more often also promoting more frontier play pulling people from towns and out into the great expanse that is the Frontier.

    Sorry for the run-on sentence up there.

    I think the price should be higher for shop signs in the Frontier to help dissuade members from recklessly placing shops all around the frontier instead of in settled communities. With higher prices for frontier shop signs, there will still be plenty of players that will still just use their already established shops and mega malls in town. The frontier shops would help players that rarely, if ever, return to town either from being deep in the frontier, or merely feel that they can find, make, and use what they are able on their own. Of course there would be members complaining of the higher prices, but that's the point. Frontier shops aren't meant for everyone to shamelessly plop down at random.

    Of course the other side of the coin would be: players that have large sums of rupees being able to build mega malls out in the frontier and possibly not just in settlements and thus "cornering the market."

    For players that find it difficult or too time consuming to return to town for "special" items that may not even be in stock, and to promote an "open arms" policy in frontier communities made up of people that are afraid of new members, I fully support the idea of Frontier Shop Signs.
  5. I think it should be free to have shop chests in wild, but they would be unlocked unless you placed a lock sign, because some people might want to give other people access to their shop chest.
  6. But if you want someone to have access to a chest in the wild, why not just put their name on a regular locked chest? The whole point of a shop in the wild is not to share items, but to acquire items you can't find or know how to make for yourself without having to make the long trek back into town while on the other side of it, the shop owner can make some rupees a little easier than hauling all his/her good to town to restock their town shop. Also having shops in the wild would allow the lot of us that rarely venture back into town the ability to make a few extra rupees for us to acquire things we can't find or make for ourselves. It's a nice idea at least. And shop signs should definitely cost something and being a special type of locked sign, it should cost more.