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  1. An awesome idea for a plugin would be an integrated shop directory.
    This would allow you to find shops in-game that have the item you want in stock.
    It would tell you the res number, how many items cost how much, and how many you can buy/sell.
    An example usage of this plugin would be:


    This would not only be useful on EMC, but also on any server running ChestShop.

    You could hook into the ShopCreatedEvent that ChestShop generates.
    The main problem is adding existing shops to the database.
    You would have to write a script to parse the ChestShop database and convert it into the format accepted by this plugin.

    Here is example pseudocode:

    If someone with Bukkit plugin experience is willing to help change the python/java/c pseudocode into a working Bukkit plugin, I would appreciate it.
    Also, to EMC admins: Do you have any details on the res plugin code? Specifically the code that calculates which residence a given block is on?

    Any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm pretty sure Aikar is already working on something just like this.
  3. Revamping the shop system is actually on Aikar's Ever-growing Project list. Along with the PVP server, updating Residence, Dragon Egg quest, Wild Update, and overall work to try and fix EMC's Lag

    He has a lot on his list - but I can assure you that he will get to this as soon as he gets some of this more critical stuff out of the way
  4. Aside from this being a huge time saver. Wouldn't this ultimately lead to massive competition as shops are forced to sell things off at the same price?
  5. i thought the new shop system will do this?
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  6. Perhaps, but the main focus of the Shop update is to provide an easier way for any player to get their items out there - and provide a service for the customers who really just want blocks to build with (For the right price of course)...

    Here is the Link to the thread about it... The thread is closed though - feel free to look through it :)

  7. :)
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  8. i can't wait till new shop thing as i will be able to quickly buy all the cheap items hanging around and sell to people with really hugh sell prices :D
    however this will make the price of items more stable, eventually
  9. And then, if you do that to the big shops, you get banned from them! :D
  10. Im loving and hating this idea.

    Lovin: the fact that I can find places to buy stuff quick.

    Hatin: that this will make BIG competition and prices will go down, down, down until the economy is screwed.

    This will put tonnes of people out of business.
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  11. Guys - this is happening already, it's nothing new.
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  12. it will happen quicker because u can instantly buy out all of someones stock with typing a few words and not even going to their res.
    also people be careful of if u have places where someone can sell
    u might get bankrupt!!!
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  13. Ahaha, please do.
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  14. Does the new shop update automatically add shops to the list when they are created?
  15. Yes. Old shops created before the system will not be though. Players will need to reset up their shop, which also gives them the new feature to limit how much stock of an item they will buy without the need to fill chest with dirt...

    EVERY MMO game has their economy like where we are going, and none of them are crashing due to it.
    It all works off supply and demand. The economy will be fine, and people will pay the price they feel the item is worth. If prices drop massively and stay down, maybe it was simply overpriced before :)
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  16. yay for no more dirt in chests =D any idea when this awesome update will surface? And do you EVER sleep?
  17. i sleep while driving... I'm serious :( it scares the crap out of me.

    Not sure where shop system will fall, but its def after wild updates, but before pvp update, but i got another big plan im debating to slide in between there too.
  18. Does it involve accidently banning all of SMP1 again :)
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  19. Maybe
    But I did mess with firewall rules the other day so could of ended up banning EVERYONE!
  20. Achievement get, Ban everyone
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