[SUGGESTION] Shiny Bones and Shiny Bone Meal

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Cakester2OOO, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    My new suggestion is that shiny bones and bone meal is added.
    The Shiny Bones will be dropped by the Enraged Skeleton and can tame a wolf instantly.
    The Bones will be able to craft shiny Bone meal which will instantly grow crops instead of it taking 2 or three.
    The Bones will be able to craft a skeleton skull by putting them in a crafting table and creating a helmet with them. The Skull will be shiny and quite valuable as 9 of them in the crafting table will create a monster egg which summons a new custom mob called Thentan which is a normal skeleton that rapid fires bow and fights with a sword as well depending on how close you are to him. The Thentan will be a miniboss. When killed the Thentan will have a small chance to drop its bow and/or sword that has enchants on it.

    Power 5
    Unbreaking 5
    Flame 2
    Infinity 1
    Punch 3

    Sharpness 5
    Poison 2
    Unbreaking 5
    Fire Aspect 2
    Looting 3

    These weapons will be soulbound.
    The Thentan will always drop a Skeleton Skull called THENTAN'S HEAD...

    I do realise that this may not be possible but hopefully we could change it a bit to make it possible.

    Thank you for reading my suggestion,

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like fun. =]