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  1. Hey there, I have had a little idea. Basically, multiple people can edit a private conversation. You can simple go to the "add players button", and if the person is already added to the conversation, you can click on their name and it will "Chat OP them."

    What are the perks of Chat Opping?
    The people with Chat OP can close the thread, such as if they don't need the thread any more, they can simply just close it. They can also add/subtract people from the thread, without giving everyone in the chat the ability to add/delete the people from the chat. They can also change the title of the conversation.

    This is for private messages only!

    What do you guys think?
  2. you know my way on good ideas, A+!
  3. --BUMP--
  4. This is where you lost me. If you mean threads, that is the staff teams job I think and for private conversations this would be okay. But -1
  5. -1

    This could cause many problems, as if staff had to review, the convo would be changed very often, and would be very hard to track.

    Also you talk about threads, no, as this could cause the same issues.

    Basically what i am saying is this could cause way too many problems with staff. The way the Threads/PM's are setup are fine as is.... no need to make it hard for more people. If you no longer want someone in the PM just make a new PM... no need to kick players from a PM....

    Staff will all agree on this.... Its just way too hard to moderate and control if they have some kind of issue.
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