[Suggestion] Setting to disable old name.

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  1. So, I was /pinfo'ing my alts, I saw you can see all of their previous names. I was thinking that there should be a way to disable it, like a /ps thing... It would clean up lings like event names or something.

  2. minus 1 a few people changed their names to hide past misdoings i know of one that did it just to try and be accepted by me.
    imagine this scenario: invite someone out to my wildbase, they obviously grief the heck out of it causing irreparable damage get banned and appeal, then change their name and come back with their name hidden and try to get invited out to my base again.
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  3. In that circumstance you can reference namemc.com before inviting anyone out to your base. I would recommend that over /p anyway: pinfo only shows the most recent name, where namemc shows the entire history.
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  4. hmmm that is a good point, but i just dont see a need to take it out of emc anyways the only reason it would be useful is to hide from people which seems malicious to me.
  5. Why should we have to go namemc.com when we can do /p? As bitemenow said it would allow people to hide and be shady. I can't think of any good reasons to do this. I don't like that you can change your name anyways and this would just make it that much worse.
  6. I'd hide my old name not because I'd want to hide it but because it's ugly. So that's one use. :p
    Because namemc is a lot better than /p. Namemc shows the entire name history, not just the previous name. Using bite's scenario again...

    The player griefs and gets banned. They change their name and appeal, then change the name again and when bite checks with /p it shows the second name. The griefer is, again, invited out to the base and griefs again.

    NameMC is just better overall, and because there are much better options than /p I see no reason to force people to show their old name when it's not private.
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  7. He means if this suggestion happened, it wouldn't make a difference because you can search your history on the web. and true: its way faster doing /ps. this is why aikar made the last name obtainable fast