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    Some players want to join a specific server, such as friends who want to play together and alternate accounts. Once you start, though, you have to wait an hour to unclaim your res, which can be very annoying. However, unless you connect to a server with the IP smp#.emc.gs, you're stuck on the default server.

    There are two potential fixes, one more elegant than the other.

    1. Enable /smp# while in the tutorial. Only alts/friends should know that the command exists, so new players will still be connected to their default server, so player distribution will still be fine.

    2. Fancy selection thing. At the end of the tutorial, a fancy 9-box chest will come up. There will be two blocks, one that says "I have a server preference" and one that says "I don't have a server preference". If the first one is clicked, it will open up a menu with the 9 servers to choose from, and upon selecting a server you'll be teleported to the end of the tutorial on that server. If you chose the second option, the display closes and the tutorial continues as normal. (If you're having trouble visualizing this, think of the /dispose menu.)

    I also thought of this: give players the option to choose whether they start with a residence. This is useful for alts and people who want a res next to their friend, but don't want to wait an hour to unclaim it. I suggest a fancy row of choices like the /dispose menu.

    If you're worrying about player distribution, just think of it like this: that player will likely move servers anyway. In addition, I'm willing to bet some players leave because they ended up on a different server than their friend, and neither one of them knew about switching servers.

    As always, please comment if you found something I overlooked, would like to offer additions/changes/improvements, or want to leave your opinion. I really do want to hear what you think! Thanks,

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  4. Are you positive that /smp# and /server smp# aren't already allowed in the tutorial? They're bungee commands, so I don't see why they'd be blocked...
  5. Yes, I asked a new player to try the command for me; he wasn't able to.
  6. They are actually Bukkit commands. I took out most bungee commands and use bungee API to change servers.

    We don't need to stop the auto residence claim (a new user is not going to understand the question), but if there is a delay still on unclaiming (thought we removed it already for new players), we can remove it.

    And if your referring your friends to join EMC, simply have them use the smpX.emc.gs join address and they will be on the server they choose.

    We don't want to provide questions that 95% of the people wont have a preference on.
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