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  1. Forums for each server. Then inside those forum threads for shops sectioned into long. and latt. Like my house is at 17 blocks north and 9 blocks west of the town spawn. NE forum NW forum SE forum SW forum inside the server forum. I have problems remebering and remembering to right peoples shop down. So I end up going to one shop or continuously ask in the chats like everyone else, spamming the chat.

  2. Well we function fine with people just putting [Shop] Enchanted items SMP4. And what would be the need of the direction sub-forums?
  3. It would be a lot faster to see what shops are on the server we are on.
  4. While more separation in things like shops would always be nice, we already have so many forums, adding another 10 for the separate servers would make it quite congested and messy. We have discussed the addition of more forums, and may eventually reach a point where it is needed. But right now we want to try and keep the forums looking nicer.
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  5. I don't see how this would make them look messy. Just like the forum Suggest box add one then inside that add the servers forum. Then inside those one main post where everyone posts their info to and the mod adds it to a second thread. No other threads would be made. Server>Server name> 2 threads.