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  1. Hey all.

    What if we had something called Server Broadcast. You could only use it like 2 or 3 times a day. Maybe more times if you are a supporter. It would be like this in the chat:
    [BROADCAST] Come check out my new shop at ####, Great prices! Come now :)

    It could be also used to see if anyone is selling something, or advertising there new cool YT video, and all kinds of stuff. Maybe you have to pay 5r to use it. Comment below :D
  2. What's the issue with normal chat?
  3. What if you want to tell the whole server. Like all the 10 servers?
  4. Then do /server a lot.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of broadcasts because they often end up spammy, but with a few changes I suppose this could work.

    1. Once a day.
    2. Definitely have a cost, like you mentioned, but maybe like 50r
    3. If you don't want to hear broadcasts, you can turn on a filter that blocks them.
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  6. This is why i like EMC because it does not have that god awful BROADCAST. Makes the server look messy, unprofessional, annoying to look at and just spammy.
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  7. Well, on smp1 some bloke came to advertise their server. It copied a lot of EMC's features. They copied out version of chest shop. I see this as a way for people out to cause trouble to spread their message. I could imagine someone broadcasting "check out my server at : toefungus.mc" or an easy way to spread hate messages such as "you are all terrible people and screw you". I don't like the idea.

    P.S.: I do not really hate anyone and toefungus.mc is not a real server IP (accept it would be pretty cool if it was).
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  8. 1. All worlds like wild and waste can hear them.
    2. Not supporter limited, but costs 1k per use to keep down the spam and limit it to most likely serious events only.
    3. Player must be older than 10 days to use it (prevent new guys from using their starter bonus to buy a broadcast with colorful language straight away, also make sure we apply our current language filter and maybe step it up a little to keep the broadcasts serious)
    4. Works cross-server so your events and important things you paid 1k for can be heard to other servers (because if they were only on one server what's the point)
  9. Sorry but in the end this idea would become very spammy and annoy more than help out. If want other members know about a event just go to each server or start a thread about it.
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