{Suggestion} Second Thread Collum for Auctions?

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Do you think there should be a auction thread collum?

Yes, this is a good idea. 9 vote(s) 64.3%
No, this is not a good idea. 2 vote(s) 14.3%
I don't care. Just gimme dem picks! 3 vote(s) 21.4%
  1. Well, the title says it all. It would be great to have a seperate thread collum for auction threads. The reason being that so many threads get bumped down by auctions so half the time people don't get any post on there threads. It would be smart and it would organize the site by just simply saying,"Auction Threads".-If people wanted a to bid on an auction all they have to do is go there.
    This could have some defects though. Alot of people stuble apon an amazing pick auction while they are looking through different threads. This could have a defect on the auction market.
    Vote what you think.
    Hey Guys, this is a "player understandment" edit in the purple.
    What I mean is you know how there is a box on the home page that says "Active Threads"? Well I am suggesting that there should be a seperate box for the threads. Like "Active Auctions".Underneath the "Active Threads" or something. Sorry of the missunderstanding. You guys were like.....
    i dont get it.jpg except EQ and oidgod.
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  2. Anyone? No comments?
  3. You make it sooo hard to read
    I cant even comprehend it
    please put it in the middle or to the right
    Thank you
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  4. There ya go:D I just did that for some spice.
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  5. I don't fully comprehend what you are suggesting. Are you just suggesting there should be a second Community Auction Thread. This wouldn't be that great either because not everyone would look at both Pages.

    Didn't you used to be a supporter? There is a Supporter Auction Area already.

    The only problem with the current system is Auction holders not always having their auctions locked when it is over. This way- people will know which auctions are still going on- and which are done and over.
  6. If I understand what you're saying, then your suggestion has been in use for several days now. Some days ago I noticed that some forums had changed. There is now a Marketplace section, with "Products" and "Services" as subsections. And it looks like the old marketplace section is now an auction only section. Is that what you were suggesting?
  7. I don't quite understand this suggestion.
  8. I do.this would make less auctions clog up forum bar
  9. I have no idea if this is what is being suggested; but what I think would be a good idea is...

    Separate the Sidebar currently labeled as "Recently Active Threads".

    Take all Auction threads out and put them in a new Sidebar labeled "Recently Active Auctions" or something like that
  10. Thats what he is saying -.-
  11. I meant no offense by it, but the OP didn't really make sense to me; but now that I understand- I think it is a good and legitimate suggestion
  12. Yes and no..
  13. No, I mean collum as in editing of the cite home page. Like there is a Box with "Active Threads." I am Suggesting a different box for "Auctions".
  14. Please reread my edit at the top of the forum.:D
  15. I ended up understanding it by Post #10. Fyi- And as I stated there- I support this idea
  16. I like this idea, but I hope it doesn't fill up the main page for that.
  17. I sort of like this
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  18. Yeah, I sort-of like it too.

    I've said in the past, it'd be great if auctions only let people post a bid (just an amount), and nothing else - no bumping.

    It'd also be good if the listing of them could show the end-time.
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  19. Less bumps in auction threads, more attention to regular threads. WIN-WIN
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