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  1. I was on this other server recently (IP and name is private to avoid me getting banned), and they had this plugin where you could sit on Stairs (Provided it had a sign next to it and you weren't holding anything) by Shift+Rightclick and it made me think "This plugin would be great to have on Empire Minecraft". That's the reason why I made this suggestion.

    Edit: You don't need a sign to sit on a stair.
  2. Yes. This would be very nice :D
    However due to the upcoming Wastelands addition....it probably wouldn't be very high on the to-do list.....
  3. "You're right although it's better to try and fail than to not even try".
    Sunny Chicken, 2013
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  4. I've seen this plugin too but will it cost us some extra lag since the server has to constantly check if the stairs are seatable
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  5. This is an interesting plug-in and would be cool in some cases. But I honestly think it is not the best thing to have, sitting on dirty stairs. :p

    Let's just wait for the day the hopeless Minecraft developers implement chairs.
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  6. I think this would be pretty cool if we could do this, but as other people have said there is a lot going on with the wasteland and they should focus more on that right now and this could cause some lag.
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  7. Chairs were started, but never completed, by Mojang early in its development, so I don't think it's a project to be picked up again.
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  8. I like it. A neat small plug-in that is useful in lots of ways. :D
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  9. i like this
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  10. I know what plugin it is but we do not plan on adding that plugin to EMC ever.

    Now, we could potentially code it ourselves, but no plans to do so anytime soon.
  11. my life is ruind
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  12. If your life is "ruined" as you say it is just because a plugin won't be implemented, then this probably isn't the server for you...
  13. yes good bye all you people im going forever............im back
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  14. Yeah, why not? I think it's enough vanilla, since chairs are going to be added to Minecraft, right...?
  15. Its nothing against the feature, i like it too and want it... I found it awesome.

    It's just to code it ourselves would take a good bit of effort, which needs to focus on other things atm.
    And while I was considering this plugin before (CraftBook), i've def changed my mind after the issues people have had with it (dupe problems)
  16. Thank you for that completely relevant, helpful, and unspammy post. They really improve the community!

  17. What I clicked the Ancient Link on Choongjae signature :p
  18. I'm pretty sure someone has said that before...