[suggestion] search for players plot bar

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  1. Hi,
    Maybe there could be a players plot search bar on the live map to search for friends.

    Thanks For Reading,
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  2. One option you have is if you wanted to find out which residences are mine on smp4.

    You would go to http://empireminecraft.com/servers/smp4 than click on Residence List; and then use Ctrl + F to find chickeneer on the list
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  3. oh ok :D
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  4. You got replied to by chickeneer, that's not a coincidence at all.
  5. You are lucky that chickeneer replied to you
  6. There is a command. If you go onto the server and do:
    /res list [Player]
    then it list's the res' they own on that server or do /v [Player]
    and it will tell you what server to go to and do the command