[Suggestion] Saddles Come Off With Eggify

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  1. So recently a few of my friends ran around on Pigs with saddles and we took over a skin comp as EMC's newest biker gang, the Hog Riders. Well long story short, we ended up at Haro's promo store. It's super far from my res, and I want to get the pig back, but once I manage to walk all the way over to my residence, I'd still like to get the saddle back. So today I suggest that we have the saddles inserted into our inventory, which brings me to my next suggestion. The ability to use /v while on pigs, but stay on the pig. Hope you guys enjoy it. And also (PenguinDJ) Please don't start flame wars in the comments. And yes I'm aware that text is visible.
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  2. I see my marketing campaigns are going smoothly.
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  3. Considering how I'm your rapper mascot I figured it was necessary
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  4. Wish I had a rapper mascot :(
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  5. I'll be yours too toadey. I just need a business type and the res number ;)
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  6. In order to get the saddle back from a pig it needs to have an innovatory but the way they coded minecraft they don't have one.
  7. You know that I know this already :I