[Suggestion] Ruppe/token history graph

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eh, eh?

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  1. I bet it would be quite fun to have a line graph with the amount of rupees/tokens you have had over time on the history pages!
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  2. +1

    Love this. Would be nice to see lifetime totals received and paid out.
  3. +1, better than looking through thousands of pages or rupee/token history...
  4. +1 Ruppees and token history graphs would be a amazing new tool. I mean what better way to look at your loot then a cool graph. See how much your money is growing. See how much your money is losing. Debt and profits look way better of graphs. Great idea!
  5. Yes, a graph would look great.
  6. +1, i think emc shop keeper has a graph in it but cant remember.
  7. That's gonna be your best bet. Something like this is a bit much for us to do.
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  8. What about lifetime rupee totals? Like the total amount you collected.
  9. +yay
    10/10 idea
  10. +1

    This would be a Nice Little Thing to have, an Easy Way to see what your Total has been, maybe they could have Month, Year, and Lifetime?
  11. Check emc shop keeper. There are many options there.
  12. Yep I checked too, its there. The graph does exist.
    Exibit A...
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  13. i understand that this would be 2 much for staff to do, so i wonder... maybe we could get 2 download our rupee history in a file format of some sort? then u can just put it in excel urself.