[SUGGESTION] Rupee Bonus

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  1. So... As many people can see I think there should be bonuses for active and well-known members... like active members get 200r a day and well-known get 300r. And this would make it so that active and well-known members actually have something to be proud of. Many people would be like "Unfair"! but i say just get the rank from the forums... And that would be that... Everyone is happy now :)
  2. cant read because of text, seriously.
  3. There is already 700r a day available for five minutes of voting.

    Any more free Rupees without paying Supporter rate would just cause massive inflation. I remember the days when you could hire someone to work for 100r. Now people wont budge for 500r because of the voting Rupees.
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  4. Be active in voting, and you will get a much larger bonus.
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  5. Be active in voting and your idea would prolly encourage spam threads to rise member status.
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  6. better?
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  7. Its still the same color. It needs to be a color that doesnt contrast so much.
  8. i think something better would be if you are a known or active player that for 2 weeks if you are inactive the sign is bonus automatically goes to your account no login needed
  9. how can u not read it? It's Bright red now.
  10. The bold helps, and it is more pleasant to the eye, but it still has that awkward contrast to it.
    Generally, if your eyes feel any "strain", it shouldnt be used.
  11. 500R really?? i hire people for any job at 50R!
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