[Suggestion] Reword Commandment 8

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  1. Commandment 8 states:

    8. Thou Shalt Not Use Excessively Foul Language

    Be careful of what you type into the chat. The Empire is a public place for all people of all ages. It's not the place for foul language. Save it for private messages with your friends. If you’re not sure what is considered ‘excessively foul language’ ask a moderator.

    There has been confusion on this rule and I have witnessed arguments over it.

    It should be reworded to state one or the other and staff possibly be consistent with the decision made.

    Apparently according to most staff, this means no cursing at all. I have seen Dwight, Jim and I forget who else kick people for cursing. But according to other staff, certain words are ok. It's confusing as to what is meant. We have part of the staff saying "No, (Shit, damn, ass, piss etc.) is not an acceptable word." /kick. And we have the other part of staff saying, "You can say these words, but not at people."

    Thanks to this confusion, I see people say things like earlier: Username: IS ABOUT TO GO TAKE A BIG SHIT. /logs off.
    "So if I don't have the cash and can't pay supporter I lose my shit if someone asks for that plot?"
    "DAMN DUDE HOW DID YOU GET SO MUCH DIAMONDS!?" And they see it as acceptable to curse in town chat and whatnot.

    It would be nice if we didn't do as some have stated and "Send mixed signals" and actually make the rule one or the other and be consistent with language.

    I know a certain four letter f word, n word, and calling something or someone "gay" or a "fag" or anything like those are really enforced, those are pretty much a given.
  2. Exactly, get yo stuff together
  3. She means this jokingly btw >.> She's not trying to be rude to Staff.
  4. What I've seen mostly is certain words are basically rated certain things, and it goes something like this (I'm not an expert, just an observer) on a scale of one to 5, 5 being the worst
    5: Use once is kick, again is long term to perma ban; F
    4: Use once is kick, again is short term ban; N, Fa, or other racial/ gay slurs
    3: Use once is warning, again is kick, then short term ban; A, S
    2: Use three times are warnings, again is kick, then very short term ban (1/2 hour); D, B
    1: Use several times is warning, again is kick, repeatedly kicked is very short term ban; Di, Ba, and other pseudo swears
    Also, I do not completely understand this post, did you just put this up there to be funny?:confused:
  5. Brit's post. It can be interpreted as a joke or it can be interpreted as her telling the Staff they need to get their stuff together and decide whether cursing is ok or bad.
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  6. K, thx. But I think the staff does need to agree on one system.
  7. This confusion is pretty much down to one thing; how EMC has grown, changed, developed - in a sense of players and community but also in how Staff handle things.

    I agree that the guide should be updated, even just a little, to avoid some of the confusion and arguments between staff/players when they get warned. :)

    Having said that;
    It's pretty natural that some staff will say ___ is allowed when others say that it's not and vice versa. A lot like most justice systems, judges wouldn't declare the same crime as serious other judges might, or as punishable by the same sentance as another might.
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  8. Yeah, this is the thing that confuses me; the inconsistency of what is acceptable to say and what isn't. It seems to be the staff member's preference to some point... Hopefully this issue will be fixed ;)
  9. The way I see it is, as long as the swearing is only mild ( crap, piss ext) and Its not directed at anyone, then it is fine.