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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm really tired so if this doesnt make sense im sorry :(

    But i was thinking i know it kinda sounds stupid but like at the end of every year the staff can make a thread and have listings of all the rewards (Most helpful, Greatest build, Most friendly. Ect.) and then the community (thats us) will post ONLY names for the nominees and then the results will be calculated and the winners would be announced and they would recieve a "medal" or something to go in their signature that someone makes so it would be unigue (example it could be a badge and be like "EMC's most helpful 2013" or something like that) Any ideas? already Suggested? Stupid? post your feedback guys :)
  2. [Kind of] a great idea.
  3. Alts can abuse pretty much everything lol. Known alts wouldnt count though.
  4. With a few minor changes this would be a nice idea.
  5. Like i said im really tired. im sure there are plenty of things i left out lol :)
  6. This could help strive the community to being a bit more nicer to one another since there will be rewards for it
  7. Instead of it being added to your signature... They could perhaps introduce a badges area on your profile and you can choose to display some or all of your badges under where is says for example well-known member.
  8. Do you mean awards and getting rewards for winning the awards?