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  1. Hey EMC,

    Have you ever wanted to have a Public Tree Farm? or a Public Sugar Cane Farm? or any farm for that fact, but worried that people will grief your res?

    Well this will be able to prevent all that.....

    The way this would work, is you would use a set block (Say Lapis Block).

    You would place it in a spot like so....

    -Block Point 1

    -Block Point 2

    Once you have this set, it would have a Zone for the box you made, in this case, My Dark Oak Tree Farm.

    Now once you have the zone set, you would be able to set flags for that zone....

    For example;

    /res zone Dark_Oak set build t
    /res zone Dark_Oak Remove
    (If you decide to remove the set zone for any reason, Also removing the lapis block would remove the zone as well to prevent issues.)

    These zones would really act as reses inside a res.

    Feel free to post your comments below,

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  2. +1 from me... this is genius
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  3. +1 Really good idea! :)
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  4. Subzones are already accepted and a pending feature.

    Closing thread.
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Thread Status:
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