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  1. Before I begin, I do realize this implies a massive amount of stress on the servers. This is just for future consideration as well as EMC expansion.

    Have you ever found yourself in need of a sketchy builder? Hired one? Got stolen from? Well why not just /res <whateverthecommandwouldbecalled> to revert back to a previous res save!

    • Would be very helpful to those who have messed up their res bad. (Fire damage, lava pools, and just a few uhh messed up things here and there.
    • The example above.
    • Supplemental to /res reset because some people would like to save a few buildings they'd like. (if they made a save before they messed up)

    • Very abusable (only Justin, Jeremy, and mods get to know why)
    • May confuse players between resetting and backing up.
    • Lags the server. Heaps.
    Thanks for reading!
  2. If there is anything to prevent double-resource collection, being able to save your lot may be a good thing.

    But they just love to abuse. :(
  3. This idea has infinate oppurtunity for abuse in EMC unfortunately, it may be convenient in a creative game, but on a survival multiplayer server it will ruin economy.
    The only way this idea would be achievable would be if it saved your lot information, personal inventory, vault inventory, current wealth, all monetary transactions and if you revert to a previous save EVERYTHING would be reset. Otherwise you could save an entire res full of diamond blocks, break them up and sell them then reset lot and have another res entirely full of diamond blocks to break up. Basically reverting to an existing save of your lot would set in motion a chain of events which would try to find and reverse every purchase, sale, built block, broken block, crafted item, destroyed item, enchanted item, etc, that your character has done since last backup, on any server.

    Great idea for creative servers, not so great for any server with economies.
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  4. Building on Shaun's post, it's basically impossible to lock out the effects this could have. If blocks are broken and sold, then the res is reverted, what happens to the blocks that someone else bought? You can't just yank that with a refund, especially if it's diamond that's been turned into tools.

    The only way this could work, would be if it's not a "revert" feature, but an "image" feature. That is, that your current res gets saved, then swapped with the image. The image CANNOT be modified. No blocks broken, no modifications at all. This would be a huge hit on server performance every time it's done, so if it's even plausible, it would not only have a large cooldown timer, but would probably have to be a supporter perk.

    It's a nice idea, and I'd love to be able to use it, but its implementation is a nightmare for SMP.
  5. I agree, I don't think there would be a way to make it practical on EMC, but there is many servers who would want that idea. It would be way too hard to try to fix everything, maybe even not possible.
  6. How to solve duping issues? Easy, do what we do for /res resets. Set a 24 hour time period before you can actually revert backups again. This way it makes it easier to just wait for the stuff to grow instead of duping when you have to wait 24 hours.