[suggestion] res permissions/flags

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  1. my community has been working on ahuge project on smp9 and and between us about 12 res working towards on goal atm.

    now setting up flag between all these lots and players can get pretty daunting

    long story short and forgive me if this exist as i was unable to find it would be a command to set all flags for a single player to either true or false with s single command and another thing would being able to do this from the wild

    As we are a wild community having to bring some one all the way into town for 20k+ out can be an annoying beyond anything just to type out a bunch of commands to grant permissions
  2. Well, you don't have to walk so far if you just use the following command:
    /res pset [res number] [playername] [flag] true/false/remove
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  3. Does /res mirror (target) (source) also work on emc? maybe copy all the res perms that way?
  4. hmmm that'll save a lot of time and complaining ty