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  1. This would be a Sr Staff service where you could designate areas of your res that would have unique flags. It would make it possible to have a public stone gen on 1 res. This would make event hosting and public farms a lot easier.

  2. This is already in place - just the admin/sr staff would have to be willing to give it to you ... they are called sub zones and they can designate certain areas of your res to essentially make a residence within the residence.
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  3. Does it cost anything?
  4. Wait, really?
    I've never seen this mentioned...
  5. It's not really a service at the moment ... But I'd rather Aikar say what he's planning with it first, though ... since I don't want to say something if it doesn't happen.
  6. Well I guess in a tactical sort of way it's best to explain it, then code it. Not the other way around.

    Anyways, this is not in place currently* it might be in place for everyone, it might not.

    As for the OP, if you need to make a Public Stone Gen, you could try to see if you could only allow people to break stone blocks. Though be careful you don't build with it >.<
  7. were wanting to find the right way to expose subzones. Right now they are EXTREMELY technical and not friendly to use at all... We want to make them friendlier and easier to understand first.
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  8. K I would like to close this thread, for I want the DT update to come out so that the empires update can be started.
  9. Done :)
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