[SUGGESTION] Removing banned flag.

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Good idea?

Yes 8 vote(s) 57.1%
Maybe with some improvements 4 vote(s) 28.6%
No 2 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. I find the banned flag rather annoying mainly because my neighbor on SMP3 is banned and it get's annoying being pushed back and my chat spammed every times I accidentally click on a block from their res or accidentally wander into it.

    My suggestion is to remove the banned flag and instead reset the res flags to the default flags and remove everyone's permissions, prevent players from buying from a chest shop on that res, and finally change the enter message to "Res owner has been banned."

    If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to post them down in the comments .
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  2. Yes!! please make this happen.
  3. What you've described is exactly what the banned flag controls. Why I agree the message is a little bit spammy, it's because it triggers on every interaction. In essence, we need the flag to control it - but the way it shows the message could be a little bit more efficient.
  4. Well one of the other main reasons I described this is so that people could still go onto the res and look around instead of being immediately forced off of it.
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  5. I believe there's a reason it forces you off - although I'm not completely sure. Not sure if I'm remembering this right, but I think it might be as a failsafe. You're still able to forceunclaim +banned reses if they're derelict by going on the edge, and it's not really different from -move (which is what it's designed to replicate), so I personally don't really see a problem with it.
  6. Well they could just build a giant wall and put -enderpearl and you can't get into it.
  7. I'd rather have no move then that.
    The reason I say this is because it would cause lag rendering all of the block. Another reason is because who would want a giant ugly wall right next to them all the time?
  8. I'm saying that people can put -move, -tp, and -enderpearl and then build a giant wall around their residence. That way nobody can step onto it and therefore they're safe from being derelict.

    I guess if you had a high efficiency pickaxe you can mine through the wall unless it's made of obsidian or something and barely get on the residence long enough to claim it.

    I would suggest if you go derelict and your residence has -move or -tp then when they go derelict automatically set the flags to true.
  9. If someone really desperately has done that, one of our helpful senior staff members could just be called into take care of it. I doubt that has ever happened though.
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  10. even if there's a wall around the res you can still crouch into the edge of its vertical space
    however there are numerous reasons for you to not be allowed on banned persons property outside of to forceclaim the residence.

    they may have a dupped shop from some newborne exploit, or profane messages or symbols or any other of the plethora of reasons we don't want you on there.

    part of our job as a moderator is to ensure that every rule following citizen of the empire has a pleasant experience and not allowing you on those reses that would hamper that experience is the only thing we can do to ensure that
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  11. It would be a nice idea, but then if they're banned, then what is the use of really going into their res? They are permanently gone from EMC... and so will they're res. Unless you have a reason to walk into a banned player's res (which most likely not) then there is a reason there would be a ban flag. :)