[suggestion] remove move false on derelict reses

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  1. If you cant enter a res, you cant force-claim it. I have been wanting a derelict move false res on my alt for a while.
  2. /claim [res #]
    Use livemap to find the coordinates if you need to.
  3. I believe he means that the player turned move off and now he can't get on the res to claim it.
    Here's what you have to do...
    Shift or whatever button your sneak is.
    Get as close to the very edge of the road as you can.
    This should place you on the res, but if you move your mouse it teleport you back.
  4. To actually be on the claimable res, you would also be in the area that you get kicked out of. Unfortunately that doesn't work
  5. It seems to work for me when I'm trying to see who owns a res with move off.
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  6. Thanks for showing me in game
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  7. Np :D
  8. Well if all perms are removed except for move - and the res message was changed to say the person was banned - that would work ... only reason it's false is because of people being able to spam shop chests of banned players - or for an alt to move rupees ... if the shop perm was implemented - then this can and will be possible :)
  9. I dont mean banned, I just mean hasn't voted/connected to a server for over 30 days. I also just mean removing move until they are no longer derelict.
  10. Ahh yes - I see, I must have misread - In this case I don't fully condone this ... I mean yes i get your point it's harder to find derelect reses and claim them with move false ... But what if it's a res with build true, or a res that was never meant for move true such as party rooms or storage etc ...

    If the servers get so full that there isnt an open res it's suppose to reset derelect reses

    If a server has no derelect reses - it's suppose to redirect people to another server

    I get what you're meaning - but perhaps something that doesnt require messing with perms?
  11. I understand, but in mine and many other cases, I want the res for the location.