[Suggestion] Regular Wasteland Reset Cycle

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Should There Be A Regular Schedule To Wasteland Resets?

Yes, every 2 months. 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Yes, every month. 2 vote(s) 11.8%
Yes, every 2 months with additional resets with little/no notice for major updates. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Yes, every month with additional resets with little/no notice for major updates. 1 vote(s) 5.9%
Yes, every 2 months with additional resets with additional 3-day notice for major updates. 6 vote(s) 35.3%
Yes, every month with additional resets with additional 3-day notice for major updates. 1 vote(s) 5.9%
No, only reset randomly for each major update with little or no notice. 5 vote(s) 29.4%
  1. The wasteland is an excellent idea in theory, however in practice there are some potential oversights:
    • Delays are variable.
      • A reset which is too delayed can cause a situation like currently, where most of the wastelands on various servers has been entirely explored.
      • It is impossible to know in advance when a reset will occur. Thus, no temporary structures or storage of any kind can be erected. This means, most large-scale mining must happen on the frontier and the wasteland is less valuable.
    • Limited notice is provided.
      • More notice could be provided via the website, via the server notices, and when entering the wasteland. A 3-day period should be enough for most active mining operations.
      • By covering all bases and providing reasonable notice of resets, less loss occurs and in the case of loss, players are less likely to be resentful over having lost their stuff.
    • New outposts are never established.
      • The surrounding area is constantly depleted while outer areas of the wasteland remain intact.
    I wanted to know your thoughts on having a regular reset cycle for the wasteland. This would address a lot of issues, allowing people to build temporary structures and storage because they know when the next reset will occur, while still allowing for resets to happen often.
    I realize that a lot of people want a reset immediately after an update, and I added a vote whether additional resets should be done to accommodate updates. I also left a vote as to whether people feel that 3 days notice should be given (as described above) and we will see the response.
  2. I think every 3 months would be good enough. It's only been reset 2 times in the last year and I think that's not enough with how many new players we get each day.
  3. I can't change the poll options anymore unfortunately. It may be good to have an additional option for 3 months.
  4. I moved the thread for you. Also; changing the poll options with so many votes makes it a bit biased :p
    If you still want me to change the poll options, please let me know which one you want to have changed exactly please.
  5. I was thinking just add a 3 month option for each of the alternatives.
    • Yes, every 3 months.
    • Yes, every 3 months with additional resets with little/no notice for major updates.
    • Yes, every 3 months with additional resets with additional 3-day notice for major updates.
    But I suppose at this point it's too late.
  6. I would prefer to see 3 months with one week notice for major updates, to allow people who can't always get on and play to move their items a chance to do so.
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  7. I like it, but 3 months is so frequent. This is pretty much encouraging people to mine in a reckless way immediately outside of the outposts, since it "will be reset soon anyway."
    As you saw, the next couple resets are probably on a calendar, anyway.
  8. Well at this point we are going to have so many options on the poll that I don't think they will all fit.
  9. It is decided to be quarterly starting with the new year. We will work on getting official dates out for it, which will be included in the wiki as well.
  10. As for the updates... It's pretty much noted on the website when we are getting close to an update. Theres no way we can wait 3 days to release an update just to give wastelands notice.

    We can work on getting notices up on the site about upcoming updates that also serves as a wastelands warning though.
  11. They have spoken.
  12. Thanks for the info. It is well received, at least by me :D
  13. A lot of players don't read the website, so the ideal solution should address people on the server as well. In this case, it's probably best to have the notice in as many places as possible. Perhaps for each player as they log in, and periodically for any players in the wasteland.

    As for the issue of a date, you don't need to wait 3 days to give that much notice. When you feel the update is about 3 days away, set a date for 3 days from then and place the announcements. If it looks like it will be longer, you can always move the date backwards.
  14. We are doing this with periodic in-game announcements. We will work on giving more notice in more places for the future as well, though in a perfect world all players would check the website :D
  15. I think in a perfect world the website would check itself... :p Same as my assignments would do themselves. And my messages would all be automatically answered. And, gosh, personal servants.

    But as it seems we don't live in a perfect world, the best solution may be to incorporate the news from the website direct to players when they log in, with links to get the full story. That way, no extra effort on your part, and more website usage.