[SUGGESTION]Redstone Supporter.

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Should There Be Redstone Supporter

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Yes 1 vote(s) 14.3%
No 6 vote(s) 85.7%
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  1. I think Empire should have redstone supporter, it would be between Iron and gold, it would have everything iron has except he would get 2 total residences, but no utopia residence, but has acces to utopia worlds, and possibly add 1 residence to gold. also his daily bonus would be 550 rupees, and 15 max vault pages. also he would only have access to change his first residence. and their name color would be Red
  2. I think this is a little fetched, why would I buy that?
  3. I have a better plan, we make Iron, Gold and Diamond Supporters :D
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  5. Nah, I think we should keep them how they are. In my opinion, there is no point in having something 'in between'
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  6. The Staff has no plans of adding any supporter packages such as Redstone or Emerald Supportership.
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