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  1. This would be amazing but probably hard to program... Not sure.
    Basically a shop sign, but when you purchase it, you purchase a redstone pulse. Possibilities:
    1. One tick pulse
    Sign: 1st line blank, second line "Power", third line cost sign automatically inserts your name into first line like shop signs. If they left click(or right click) the sign, it send out a 1-tick redstone pulse.

    2. Custom tick
    Sign: Just like a shop sign! 1st line blank(game auto inserts name), 2nd line is quantity(how many ticks the redstone will stay on), 3rd line cost, 4th line "Power".

    Use: You could make it so you pay to enter through a door(like to play a game or something), you could make packages for your shops(like pay 1000r for power which powers 4 dispensers that give you a set of diamond armor - bad example because dispensers can run out but you cna do things on the line), I have an awesome idea of how to make a game out of this but I don't want anybody else to use my idea so I want specify anything.

    Now I'm not sure how difficult this would be. I'd definitely prefer the Custom Tick technique, ad it seems like you could copy a majority of the code from shop signs if you do custom tick. I think this would be an epic add to the game.

    PS another sign idea(small) is a donate sign. simply a sign that you type "[DONATE]" in the first line, "###" for second line(###=number of rupees), and it auto-inserts your name in the 3rd line. something along those lines. PS I'd always like to have auto insert for signs because if it inserts your name, then that tells you that you did your sign correctly.

    So what's everybody's opinion!?
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  2. use a dirt sign for donations, maybe a paid access sign would be easier to code. :)
  3. Cool idea but that is for Notch to decide. Empire Minecraft doesn't program Mineraft, which would have to be done in order for this to work.
  4. not necessarily, this would simply cause the sign to function to operate like a button, except with an interaction cue. Its sounds more complicated than it actually is, its not like you would have to pull out the entire .jar file and rewrite it all.

    but a key difference, is it does not function like a shop sign, a shop sign searches, this sign would deliver services, a quiet different application, that would be more complex than coding current EMC shop system.
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  5. Seberling they mod Minecraft. Notch doesn't decide anything that Empire Minecraft adds to their server(and neither does Jebs).
    Also, the paid access sign wouldn't let you do half as much... If you bought access to a door, you could just let everyone else in, ruining the point. You can't really buy access to a dispenser because you could/would take everything in it, not just 1 of each. Also, each sign would have to remember a list(of alternating sizes) of the people who bought the access whereas the redstone signs wouldn't have to remember anything.
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  6. I was typing when ISMOOCH replied so I didn't notice he already replied to Seberling. I am a programmer so I knew this would probably be asking for a lot, but I was hoping with their setup you should be able to copy the sign code and replace the function that searches for an item to give to them with applying power. Also, depending on how MC works, the entire edit could potentially be setting a bit to 1 for a certain amount of time and MC code might do the rest for you. I'm not sure how MC handles redstone so I could be wrong[and I probably am] but it could potentially be fairly simple.
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  7. Paid access sign above a button

    Press button, enter room. If a massive group goes in, make the game RS-NOR / NAND so it only works once until the button is pressed again. :)
  8. well the issue is, is its not as simple as saying "sign, dont search, give". Which is basically what you are assuming. Its more like talking to a whole new group of signs who are fresh out out of sign training "alright signs, I need you to give things" "what things?" the dumb signs ask (in unison... cuz they're dumb) "well,.. grasp if it you can, power" "i have no hands to grasp, because i am nothing but a sign" "GIVE THE POWER, I DEMAND IT".. it goes on like that for awhile, but moral is....

    its not as simple as just taking the shop sign plugin and changing the function from search to give power to a block. and then adding variables such as time constraints is a whole new ball park XD.

    i would also like to add, i like this idea, just seems a little difficult, and there are probably easier avenues to approach this with. So i hope i am not sounding to discouraging.
  9. Well I can't tell unless I have source lol but ok. crazy your approach still wouldn't let you do as much. They'd still be able to deplete the dispensers, get through the door whenever they want(instead of only when they pay the money), play as many rounds of your chance game as they want just for paying once, etc. I'd like it so if they hit the sign, they pay to get into my game and play it once, and to play again, they have to pay again. Same for the dispensers, the doors, etc.

    If I just wanted pay-access I could have them make the 1-time payment while i'm online and put an access sign. I'd rather not have to be online for them to use the redstone signs, and I dont want to be stuck in my place managing the payments I get having to respond every time somebody wants something. That's torture and one of the 2 main reasons shop signs exist(other reason is to ensure that both sides of the deal are met, which would also be a purpose of redstone signs).

    I'm not trying to just yell "NO" and say ur idea is crap I'm just trying to show why I'd much rather it be redstone signs. I figured from the start it'd be extremely hard to achieve this goal, but well worth it!
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  10. Like having someone work in your shop for a daily wage, giving access to doors /etc... makes the game more interactive within players and less with the "server" itself
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  11. Then you didn't read my post correctly.

    The access sign is on a button.
    In that every time you press the button, you are charged. And you can only activate the dispenser once per payment as it is an RS-NOR / NAND and thus will only activate once before reset (pressing the button)

    An access sign that requires you to pay to use it is significantly more... possible... than your idea. :)
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  12. That does sound like a pretty cool idea, but the huge thing is I'd have to have somebody who's constantly on(or hire a bunch of people) which would take up a lot of the profit, they'd have to receive all of the payments, have all the permissions for my lot, and I'd have to trust them to receive all of my payments and give me all of my rupees. I don't mean to discourage (like ISMOOCH said at the end of his post) but both suggested changes would completely take away the entire point of redstone signs: a 24-hour self-managing free(other than placed signs and redstone) way of allowing people to play games buy packages or do other things without any chance of them getting their item/service without paying or them paying without getting their item/service.
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  13. my last post was posted before I read crazy's post. I think he's successfully found a work-around. It allows you to do the same exact thing, you just need a button to do it, and it allows you to charge for each use. I like it a lot.

    You don't even need to limit it to buttons. maybe just make it so that all access signs have a price at the top line or something(so something like [ACCESS]_### which allows up to a 5 digit number) and you just put 0 if it's free access.
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  14. *EDIT*
    My last post was before Bluebl1's last post.
    It's a Late-Post fest! D:
  15. lol readers might get confused from all this...
    Final story so far:
    I suggested [see first post].
    Crazy made it simpler by making it so access signs use an amount of rupees so every time you use the access, you get billed.

    PS not suggested that you use it on doors because one person can open it for others :p just use a button to avoid this.

    also they'd have to pay to close the door behind them lol it'd be rare that doors would be a useful thing for this without a button being hooked up to it.
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  16. I used buttons as an example as they are automatic pulse-limiters and would be the only useful thing in the situation. :) A lever or something of that sort could be used if you didn't need it to close on its own. :)

    Also, if you were to put a pressure plate on the inside of the door you could effectively make a one-way door (though it may require pistons and iron doors...) to get in to a room, then afterward make an iron door with an iron door chain with "[access] everyone" buttons to make the exit free but one-way.

    But a button would be easier. :)
  17. Maybe access sign combine with shop sign will solve your problem
    Like this

    Example if am owner
    (leave first line blank name is auto fill)
    Last line is String value to be name of peoduct
    The third line is the price
    using "access2" or something else to prevent conflict with previous [access] value in sign.

    Ex. When making one

    Go in my room
    When made my name will auto fill the first line

    Once click the sign search for usable object. If found.
    (like buying echanted item)
    A message appear

    "go in my room" for 20 rupees.
    Click Again to comfirm

    Note: right click on the door or the sign depend on how this code out i guess.

    And if a delay is in there would be good too
    (like Crazy1080 suggest the RS NOR)
  18. Iv pondered this problem before and there are several problems I see:
    * paid buttons would be the simplest solution but we all know that buttons on doors and lag can sometimes make it very hard to actually get through the door. Refund spam would be hella-annoying
    * whatever device you use (button for door, piston door, piston pit) more than one person can get through at a time.

    Ok, only two issues... but theyre important enuff to make this impracticle. If someone can think up a way to make a garunteed one person at a time device I would like to see it.

    (pause for 10s...)

    Actually I think I just worked out how to make one. You could use a piston to push a player into a room and it wouldnt allow two people to be in there at the same time.
  19. As a redstone geek i just wanna say:

    Best idea so far! It would open up a lot of opportunities.
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  20. I guess you are right. I had not taken the fact that they already made things that were in no way possible on Minecraft single player, like teleports and stuff. It may be possible after all, I still think it is a cool idea no matter what.