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  1. Hey EMC,

    I have noticed some Dev Members step down and some get very busy. So this suggestion is create a page where people can apply to become a Dev Members, and while they apply they would solve certain problems and show some examples of code to prove they say they can do what they say they can...

    Even if they are hired does not mean they have full access to the server, but more or less complete small tickets to finish up older ones that have been on hold for years...

    This can also allow more time for main dev members to freely work on Mojang update versions as well as Bigger EMC updates...

    Or even what if there was a way to allow members to join that are more or less international interns, if you get where i am going with that.

    Feel free to comment, and say your opinions...

  2. In order to be a dev and code pretty much anything for EMC, you have to have access to the current code so that your code will be compatible. While I agree that we need developers, we can't let just anyone dabble in the code.

    To apply to be a developer, you just message Aikar as it has always been.
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