[Suggestion] Random Residence Teleport Buttons/Plates

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  1. Alright, I actually thought of this one at random. I am mid making a few floors of my new SuperRes dedicated to New Player Chests- this would be sort of difficult to go down with them and make them a sign just for them every time, rather than say, open a door to a teleport that would take them to a random room with a chest that they could open and take the supplies.

    This would work like this:
    1: You set up a set of teleport to locations (if there has to be a max, I understand, but maybe supporters get more? Or something?).
    2: You set up a teleport from location with [random] in the sign and then put the button or plate over it.
    3: when you step on it it would take you to one of the designated teleport spots.

    Ideas like my Newb Chests or possibly holiday/drop parties or the like could be done easier
    Ability to create new games, such as- in my nerdy opinion- Team Rocket Hideout based Mazes where it's purely chance if you'll get out.

    Possible lag- I really don't know if the lag creating issues vary with the different things- from animals to teleports to even the /v command
    Possible outer res teleportation? I had the terrible thought that you could accidentally go onto a [random] teleporter and end up accidentally miles away in someone else's residence. Don't know if it could happen but you know, it could.

    This idea is again, just an idea, and it would have its uses, but I do understand that perhaps the cons could outweigh the pros- it's all about how it's done, and what the lag actually is. I thank you for your consideration :)

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