[SUGGESTION] Quietus (Wither Mini-boss)

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  1. Hello ya'll, ( Yes I have done the suggest Mob Form :D )

    I just came up with a cool idea, a Wither Mini-Boss named Quietus, ( meaning: death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life ) He would be a slightly larger than normal Wither and with an added smoke effect to him. The message would be something along the lines of, "You feel a dreadful being is near..." The sound is a slightly slowed down Wither spawning noise. Quietus would spawn Enraged Guardian Wither Skeletons, which would act like Enraged Guardian Zombies. His main drop would be the " Undead Wither Skull" which would shoot Wither Heads (like the Wither) with a small cool-down between shots. But the most unique part is that he would spawn only in the Nether. Here's some pictures in the Spoiler I made up as a kind of "concept art"

  2. Oh my gosh, please.
  3. +1. Though withers are a pain already, heck, why not make it harder? I'm in:p
  4. +1
    Although I see this as another reason for me to avoid the nether :p
  5. I don't usually bother with Minibosses, but an item that shoots the wither's exploding projectiles sounds like it would be worth it. (though they'd have to make it not damage blocks or it'd be a griefer's dream)
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  6. I like it :)
  7. This would be a pain, if you think of it..

    If all of these happened at once... :/
    1. Nether Hounds
    2. Quietus Boss
    3. The summoned Enraged Guardian Wither Skeletons
    4. Ghasts
    5. Lava
    6. Explosions that could make you fall
    The nether would be so scary after this boss. :p
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  8. +1

    Well it would certainly make his rare drops that much more valuable eh? Haha.
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