{Suggestion/Question] Why nothing special for SMP8 ?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Huckleberry24, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. Ok well I know this isnt exactly a suggestion but this idea fits in best here.
    Ok so whilst going around different servers I notice they all have something special at their town spawns. This includes sculptures, pyramids, houses etc. And then you go to SMP8 where all we get is a firework , yes a firework . What makes us different from the rest ? Why dont we get something awesome. I was just wondering if anything was planned for our town spawn - if not can we please have something cool

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  2. Didn't you guys play host to the Empire Games?...
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  3. Yeah, It Is Quite Weird. Maybe Something Is In Progress... Lets Hope!
  4. Yea - but im talking about town spawn