[ SUGGESTION ] PVP Server Steve Head Vaulting

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  1. I was thinking that you can vault steve heads with the PVP server Aikar is making. You can only vault Steve Hreads to Empire Minecraft and do a special command like /vaultpvp or something to sell heads and such. Leave a comment for feedback! :)
  2. How much would a steve head sale for lol :)
  3. What might be this "Steve head"?
    How might one get this "Steve head"?
  4. Steve head is a new "rare loot" I don't know how to get it tho
  5. That ought to be interesting.
  6. PVP= Kill
    Kill= Chance of Steve Head
    Chance of Steve Head= PVPvault
    PVPvault= EMC vault
    EMC vault= Server
    Server= Shop
    Shop= Profit

    The circle of life :p
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  7. thats more like the stairs of life, or the line of life :3
  8. I see some i hates! Can you explain?
  9. lol. I was unaware of the head. But you will be killing everyone so much a head wouldnt really be worth anything as their would be millions of them.
  10. what if it was possible to trade them for xp bottles, or a random potion?
  11. the rarely even drop though its like a 10/100 chance (not realy but its rare) and your makeing a pvp server?.
    and i want to get a creeper head it looks cool
  12. Another Idea!

    X number of Steve Heads = X number of Invisability potion?