[Suggestion] Put timestamps in event announcements in chat

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  1. This might not matter on other servers but chat is usually empty for hours on Utopia and I'm not always paying attention to it. So when I do and I see an announcement about an event that is happening that doesn't have a timestamp and just says it's happening "in 30 minutes" I have no reference as to when that 30 minutes is. So I go to join the event to find out it's been over for hours.

    So if we can build it in that every event announcement says it's happening at X EMC Time, that'd be helpful.
  2. When a player says something in chat, you can hover over the name in order to give you the time it was said.
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  3. ah okay, that's helpful. I still don't see why the EMC time can't be mentioned. Maybe say it's happening in 30 minutes and put the EMC time in parentheses?
  4. That's gonna be up to the player to put in their announcements.
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  5. You're referring to staff broadcasts, I assume? Most staff do put the EMC time in their announcements, and the starting time can be found on the forums for nearly all events. :)