Suggestion: Protect West post Bridge at smp9! ; _ ;

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  1. Hi! I've noticed so many awesome sites wile in the wilderness. Some for self entertainment, and others that benefit the entire server! It sure does make the server look quite attractive and probably would bring others to the servers if posted and such. The thing is people griefing the structures. I know you can't protect every single hut, that would be ridiculous to ask, could it be possible to protect the West point Bridge? It looked so awesome and served a great function for everyone's benefit. I tried to fix some of it up, but I'm very limited.

    Still, is there something that can be done?
  2. What blocks is it made of? just wondering

    Best thing to do is to make a stone gen at your res and try to repair it during your open time :)
  3. It is in fact possible for greif protection to be set up either as a forcefield on the bridge or for the blocks constructing the bridge itself... The only thing is would JustinGuy and IcecreamCow bother spending all that time protecting one bridge? Another thing if they did protect this one bridge it would open them up to complaint's like "Why can't my helpful grinder be greif protected" or "Hey why isn't that bridge on SMP# protected?!?". The fact is they can't really be expected to protect it... All you can do really is to continue to fight against the greifers by repairing it as you can :
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  4. You think that one tiny bridge is important? Try having to travel for 40 minutes by boat to a distant continent.
  5. This seems like a good Idea.... There is a similar thing on smp2
  6. lol i agree with u, but it is a bit annoying when u are trying to walk then u fall down a whole from a creeper, but i just repair it when i have cobble at my base from mining, plus half the time the bridge does not go very far, i travel 3 hours north from the north outpost to get to my emerald base, so to me it is like stepping on a bug when i travel to my base.
  7. I agree with _Stads_ how would it then become fair for others if they can't have protection?
  8. I think the bridge you are talking about is the one built by Deathtomb and company when they made their first community out there. They've moved farther out into the Wild since too many people were coming out and tearing things up. I assume that if the bridge is out of repair, that it's just too much to keep it up while others are tearing it down.

    There is a bridge I use on smp7 that seems to be constantly getting holes torn in it. Some are intentional. Some are creeper holes that are unintentional, but are intentionally left unrepaired. Whenever I go out there, I take some cobble and fix the holes. I see maintainance as the cost of using the bridge.

    If you are finding that you are getting good use out of it, whether you are using it to travel or just appreciate how it looks, I would suggest you take on the responsibility of maintaining it. Maybe put a few minutes each week into rebuilding sections of it.
  9. To respond to some responders:
    1 I do repairs when I see that its needed with what I have.
    2 I already acknowledged they can't get everything protected and specified that major use items be protected.
    3 I've been to the north, and traveled far and wide, This bridge goes far out as well and many people use it. It is a boon to the server.
    4 The bridge is made of stone blocks and lit by netherrack held up by nether brick Fence.