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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Dim5678, Aug 16, 2015.

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  1. Senior Staffs should do a service where you can repair promos for half the cost it takes to buy the promos in town shop, so people can hold on to their promos longer, and not have it broken.

    (I would rather NOT have my ESCD broken)
  2. This would completely ruin the overall value of promo's as you'd be able to repair all of them so no one would be buying them, the price of that promo would drop as would the repair cost... Eventually turning promo's into DIRT.. maybe not that far but you get what I mean.

    I'm sorry but this won't happen :p
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  3. Well, you can always have it repaired limited times, or release promo repair vouchers...
  4. Promo repairs will never be a thing. If they're final and not allowed to be repaired, there's a reason for that, and it's all economical. As people use them, the prices go up, so the encouragement for some is not to use them, and then you can sell them for more later on down the line. It would be hard to work out prices too, because half of what they were in shop wouldn't be enough, most items raise in price once they are taken out of the EMC shop. I'm sorry but this idea just simply isn't good for the economy, promos would be worth a lot less. They're special items because of the way that they are made and making them repairable simply isn't something that I can ever see coming to the Empire.

    PS: If you don't want your ESCD broken, just don't use it, I've never used any of the promos that I've received :)
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  5. The suggestion of a 'Promo repair voucher' would be a lot better suggestion than this :p maybe something you could redeem to staff along with youra broken/damaged promo in exchanged for a new/repaired version.

    Sadly if these were released they wouldn't really be used as only a few would be in circulation so they would become more valuable thwn the promo you wish to repair :p
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  6. Using an ESCD is generally a bad thing. :p

    The enchantments on it are deceptive. Efficiency VII has no effect, because Efficiency IV instantly mines any block. Unbreaking V is cancelled out by the Final enchantment and the fact that it's a promo - too valuable to justify being used.

    I recommend saving your ESCDs and getting a few Efficiency IV Unbreaking III shovels.
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  7. Suggestion denied. The community covered it pretty well.
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